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Frequently Asked Questions


I am new to softball, what gear does my daughter need?

We recommend each girl has their own bat, glove, batting helmet with face guard, and plastic cleats. Fielder masks are optional and are highly recommend for safety. 


I have two daughters; can they be on the same team?

 Yes, providing they are born in the same year. If one is younger it is possible for her to move up to the older sister’s division, if requested and deemed safe by the coaches during assessments. Alternately, the older daughter can "play down" and be in the younger sister's division. USA Softball age eligibility rules will apply to tournament play. Please talk to a board member and your team manager to ensure you understand the age eligibility rules. 


I have a friend who wants to be on my daughter’s team for the purpose of carpooling. Is this possible?

There is no guarantee that this can happen. Each girl is assessed and then drafted by the Managers. After the draft is complete, the Managers are informed of requests for ride sharing purposes. If they elect to do so, then trades are made and the requests are fulfilled. 


How do I know what age group my daughter should play in?

Divisions brackets are determined by using the birth year of your child. Their age as of December 31, 20XX  will determine their age appropriate division. (Example : DOB 01/25/2010 = age 12 as of December 31. 2022. This child would play in the 12U division in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023) STARTING FALL 2023, The birthdate cutoff will change to September 1st, per new USA Softball rules. 


Can my daughter play in a higher or lower age division?

Requests  to "Play up" or "Play down" can be made at the registration table with an Executive Board member. Player's skill level and the needs of the prospective age divisions will be considered. A decision will be made after assessments are held. In tournament play,  USA SOFTBALL age eligibility rules will apply and will be validated by the District commissioners. 


What if I can't make it to the assessment? Does my daughter still get to play?

YES. Players that are not present at assessment are drawn in a hat pick at the draft. 


What do my registration fees go for?

Fees are used for the uniforms (jersey and pants), umpire fees, picture package, insurance, USA Softball registration fees, background check fees, trophies, etc.


Do you offer a sibling discount?

We do not offer a sibling discount. We only offer a discount to Cerritos Residents. Proof of residency is required and is verified through the RACER system by the City of Cerritos.


When does the season start and end?

Spring season starts with practices in late January / early February. Practices vary from one to three times per week during this period, depending on each individual manager. The season typically starts the last week of February or the first week of March and usually ends around the beginning of May (please see the FALL BALL Section for fall ball info)


When are the practices and games?

Once the Spring season starts, a team typically plays two games a week, usually one game on either Tuesday or Thursday night and another game on Saturday. If a team plays on Tuesday, then they usually will have practice on Thursday night. The times during the week will be between the hours of about 5 p.m. to 8p.m. and on Saturday between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. There could be some doubleheader games on Saturdays.


Where are the practices and games?

Most games are played at the beautiful Cerritos Sports Complex, located on Bloomfield Avenue just north of Del Amo Boulevard. Practices may be held at a City Park or a local school selected by the Managers.


Why do I need to volunteer? 

We are always in need of volunteers. Only volunteers run the league and right now the burden is extremely heavy on some that are doing more than their share. Board members are taking on multiple roles. NOW MORE THAN EVER every little bit counts, even if you can only come to a few games or assist with a few practices. Parents can also help before games to chalk the bases or  help to set up and break down bownets. This will help our coaches so that they can focus on coaching the girls. 

A SNACK BAR SHIFT in the spring season is mandatory. One parent for each player will sign up for a shift to work the snack bar. We do not have snack bar in the Fall. 


Do I need to stay at practices?

You should stay and support the manager and coaches and be there for your child. If you can’t, then please let your coaches know and you must  be prompt in picking up your child after practice. Remember the managers and coaches are volunteers that are giving up a lot of time during the week at practices and games and are not here to be baby sitters. Parents of those in the 6 & Under and 8 & Under divisions should try extra hard to stay during the practice.


How can I find out the rules for softball?

USA Softball Rules are updated and  published each year.  The league is only given a limited number of books to be shared with team Managers,  there are no extras. The CGSA league rules can be found on this page under the "RULES" tab. 


Who can attend Board meetings?

Anybody who wants to attend may do so. The general meetings are open to the public and held monthly.


How are problems resolved?

All problems are resolved through the chain of command process. The first in line to discuss any problem is the Team Manager, followed by the division Commissioner and then with the player agent. If all these avenues are exhausted, then it is appropriate to contact the Vice President or the President as a last resort. 


Who do I call in regards to umpires?

If there is a problem that you think needs attention regarding the umpiring, then you should contact the League’s Umpire-in-Chief (UIC).


Why do the teams need sponsors and what is the money used for?

The registration fees, charged at the beginning of the year, barely cover the basic needs of a player. Money is needed to buy bats, balls, catcher’s equipment, bases, batting tees; the list goes on and on. Sponsors play a crucial role in the continued success of our league.


Are there any other ways the league receives money?

Yes, you will be asked to participate in a fundraiser during the season. This might consist of selling candy or other items. Please help us help your child by cooperating with the fundraising program.


I've never coached before, how do I get started?

Do you know a ton about girls softball but have been 'stuck on the sidelines' for too long? Believe it or not, there have been many veteran coaches who started off just like you! The only pre requisite is a love of the game and a desire to help your team. If you want to be a Manager, you can build your assistant coaches / team mom staff around you once you have drafted your team. Or, if you want to start as an assistant coach, ask your team manager if you can help run drills and learn as you go.